LIP AND ORAL CAVITY: Incisional Biopsy, Excisional Biopsy, Resection



Procedure Type:

Specimen Size:
Greatest dimensions (cm):

Specimen Laterality:

Tumor Site:

Tumor Focality:

Tumor Size:

Tumor Thickness (pT1 and pT2 tumors)

Tumor Description
Gross subtype:

Macroscopic Extent of Tumor:

Histologic Type:

Histologic Grade:


Lymph-Vascular Invasion:

Perineural Invasion:

Lymph Nodes, Extranodal Extension:

Pathologic Staging (pTNM):
TNM Descriptors:

Primary Tumor (pT):

Regional Lymph Nodes (pN):

Superior mediastinal lymph nodes are considered regional lymph nodes (level VII). Midline nodes are considered ipsilateral nodes.

Distant Metastasis (pM):

Additional Pathologic Findings: